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Ayant plus de 20 années d’expérience dans le domaine des produits cosmétiques et leurs ingrédients, elle vous fera découvrir une série de capsules jeunesse et beauté pour mieux comprendre les effets que les années ont sur notre peau.



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The fifth mechanism of REGEN-16!


Looking for a bright and uniform skin tone for the summer? It is now possible with IDC!

10 juillet 2012

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Contrary to the common belief that fine lines are the first apparent signs of skin aging, did you know that the loss of skin tone homogeneity is in fact what is noticeable first?

It is well known, sun is the main factor responsible for the appearance of brown spots, because it activates skin hyperpigmentation. These age spots make our skin tone look uneven, dull, lifeless, and often make us look older.

These hyperpigmentation spots accumulate over the years, assaults, inflammation, change of seasons...

In order to see them disappear, they must be treated. Skin must be provided with active ingredients that are known and recognized to even out its tone, and make it look brighter and more radiant.  Even skin tone makes skin look younger and healthier.

IDCTM offers the latest secrets in science with its Image Blanc 30 ml Skin Illuminator care, making age spots and uneven skin tone a part of your past!  This summer, make over your skin with IDCTM.

Not only does this care fight the appearance of age spots, it also has the qualities of an integral correcting serum that targets the 16 main mechanisms responsible for skin aging. This anti-aging serum contains IDC's REGEN-16 technology, along with a complex of seven new ingredients, including 4 that specifically target pigmentation disorders: extracts from pea and jackfruit, b-White peptide and Lipoic Acid.  In total, this never-seen-before integral serum contains 41% of cosmetic active ingredients!

Image Blanc is a daily care that can be used throughout the year.  In only a few weeks, it will do wonders to keep the signs of aging on hold, and make skin complexion visibly more even and radiant.

Moreover, this  care was clinically tested under dermatological control. In 35 days only, the subjects of this study have shown up to an 80% improvement on the appearance of their complexion, and on the decrease of the appearance of brown spots on their skin! 

Image Blanc also won a “Victoires de la Beauté” in France, a prestigious award offered to the most efficient products in the industry, as decided by a juror of consumers.

For a beautiful summer, protect your skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure by applying one of IDC™'s Sun Protection products over Image Blanc. Your skin will thank you by its luminous skin tone, as luminous as the sun!

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